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Sensory Activities for 1 to 3-Month-Old Babies

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The first three months are very crucial for parents and babies. In this growing phase, their sensory organs start developing gradually. At this age, you may notice that your little one gets easily attracted to loud noise, they close their eyes if exposed to bright light and even they smile recognising familiar faces. All such reactions indicate that the sensory activities of a newborn significantly depend on other activities. 

Well, as a parent, you also can perform different sensory activities to stimulate the development of the baby’s sensory organs at a fast pace. Even responding to their coos or playing with toys can do a lot for the healthy development of your little one. 

5 Engaging sensory activities for your baby

If you are ready to encourage your baby to play and learn, continue reading the article. Here, we will share the top 5 easy-to-perform sensory activities for your baby. 

  • Hang colourful toys

For a baby, 0-3 months are full of opportunities to develop their visual system or optic nerves. A newborn is never born with the best vision; instead, they start developing clear vision day by day. When your baby reaches 8 weeks, he will start to pay attention to objects more closely. 

So, it is the best time to dangle toys in front of your little one, or you can hang toys on the baby cot. These toys come in high-contrast colours, which help to stimulate the baby’s optic organs fast. 

  • It is tummy time

When your little one is just 1 or 3 months old, you can start focusing on a tried-and-tested sensory activity. Tummy time is an essential part of baby development milestones as it helps to build strength and support in their body. 

Once you start resting your baby on their stomach, it helps develop better coordination between the neck, arms, shoulder and upper body. It not only strengthens body muscles but also helps to develop motor skills soon. 

  • Play with mirror 

Although tummy time is a very important sensory activity for 0-3 months,  some parents might find it pretty challenging to practise. 

So if your baby does not like to lie on their stomach, add a mirror to this game. It will be so much fun when you see them laugh and make facial expressions seeing their reflection in the mirror. Playing with a mirror develops babies’ visual organs as well as builds a sense of self when they start recognising their own image later. 

  • Sing and play

During the first three months, most babies can differentiate familiar voices. Hence, to stimulate their hearing ability a little bit fast, talk to them as much as possible. 

The best thing you can do is to play lullabies during the night times or sing relaxing songs to develop their auditory senses. However, your baby would not respond at first, but once they pick up the language or music, they will start having fun. 

  • DIY toddler tunnel

Another great idea to keep your little one busy is a DIY toddler tunnel game. You can take an old textured cardboard box and hang some colourful ribbons. Now, let your baby crawl in and out and play with ribbons. 

In fact, you can play the peek-a-boo game with it, which is all time favourite of babies.  This activity will help your baby in cognitive development and learn object permanence. 

Ensure a healthy development journey for your baby!

Everyday physical activities like playtime, sleeping time or feeding time can open up ample opportunities for sensory activities. If you are a working parent and do not get enough time to play with your child, no need to get demotivated. You can perform all the above-mentioned activities with your baby anytime to boost his mental and physical development. 

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