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DIY Unisex Baby Clothes: Easy and Adorable Projects for Crafty Parents

DIY Unisex Baby Clothes - Sprog

Hey there, crafty parents! Get ready to enter a realm where style, comfort, and cuteness collide in the most adorable way possible. 

We understand that dressing up your little one with trendy clothing be stressful on your pocket sometimes. So we are about to take you on a creative journey into the world of DIY unisex baby clothes, where your imagination takes shape and your crafting skills shine like never before.

5 Unbelievably Easy DIY Projects For Crafty Parents

Do you often buy baby clothes online? If yes, you may face a never-ending battle to find the right fittings in your baby’s growing phase. Well, crafty mums/dads, we have a hassle-free solution to resolve this problem quickly — which is repurposing old babywear with easy DIY crafts instead of buying new ones every time. 

So, are you excited to join the team of crafty parents who are reinventing their baby’s wardrobe with some easy-to-follow one-stitch project? No more waiting – your journey for toxin-free clothing for kids starts here right now!

  • DIY Comfy Joggers

On these sizzling summer days, what can be better for your baby than a comfy printed jogger paired with a solid t-shirt? However, to ensure that your child can play without any interruption, opt for the perfect breathable clothes for 1-year-olds

Follow the listed guidelines to stitch it together without much hassle  —

  • Take any printed fabric of your choice.
  • Use a template to cut out patterns.
  • Start sewing it from the bottom edge and then move to the upper part. 
  • Sew soft elastic or cotton drawstring into place, and voilà, it is ready.  
  • DIY Custom Onesies

For this adorable babywear, repurpose old onesies! You can embroider your kid’s name with rhinestones to accentuate your little one’s personality. Or, make a custom-rhinestone romper for the perfect custom-designed, stylish party dress. 

To make this, you can follow our instructions listed below. 

  • Use a black template to outline the name perfectly.
  • Now take a silhouette brush to press the stone.
  • With transfer tape, place rhinestones on the rompers.
  • Once done, iron the cloth on the “wool setting,” and it will be party-ready.
  • DIY Knot Turbans 

Knot hats and knotted turbans are incredibly popular among fashion-lover parents. The most amazing fact is you can stitch this fashion accessory in just 10 to 15 minutes. The DIY project is super simple, and honestly, it protects your baby’s head from the summer heat and also keeps the baby warm on chilly wintery nights. 

  • Chose cotton knit or jersey knit fabric for the best stretch. 
  • Cut out the hat pattern using templates easily available online.
  • Pin the cut-outs and sew them carefully.
  • Pleat the fabric on the upper side and attach a bow to the opening.
  • Tie the bow in a knot, and the cute turban is ready. 

Craft Sustainable DIY Fashion With Love! 

Imagine dressing your baby in whimsical rompers adorned with your hand-stitched knot hat or rocking the party in a rhinestone onesie that is both cosy and stylish. With a few simple materials and sewing techniques blended with a pinch of creativity and a sprinkle of love, you can transform into a fashion designer for your little bundle of joy.

Just like this, Sprog has also utilised their unique creativity and quality artmanship to make every babywear unique and worth cherishing. Inspired by the five elements of life and equipped with natural cotton and azo-dye-free prints, it highlights a universal aura. Check out the collection now by visiting our online store. Happy shopping!

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