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Baby Developmental Milestones: Your Safe Parenting Tips

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Babies are one of the most precious gifts for parents. Since when your newborn grows and develops, you probably would ask thousands of questions — “when will my baby start to walk?” or “when can I feed my baby solid foods?” and more. 

Do not panic; we will provide the information you need to understand baby development milestones in this article. 

Basics of baby developmental milestones

Every child is unique. In the first year of the baby’s life, they have their own pace of development; their brains develop at a fantastic speed. Although there are general milestones in a baby’s development, nothing is permanent.

By five to six months, the baby’s weight will have doubled; by the time the child turns one, it will be triple. All these are called achievements or “Milestones”—that include standing, sitting up, rolling over, and possibly walking. And when your baby calls you “mumma” or “papa” for the first time, the sound will melt your heart like butter. 

Development Milestones Your Baby will Achieve Soon

We understand that it is a lifetime experience for parents to see their little ones from crawling to standing on their own finally. While your baby is going to become independent day by day, you, as a parent, must know what milestones you should expect at which age. 

Let us take a closer look at the different development journeys of your baby!

Development Milestones: 

0-3 months

The 0-3 months phase is perfect for building a strong social and emotional attachment with your baby.

  • Their eyes remain wide and full of curiosity.
  • They learn to maintain eye contact with their parents.
  • You may see him smiling when they recognise a familiar face.
  • Start moving hands side by side, lying on their stomach.
  • Listen to loud noises or known voices very carefully.
  • They often cry to gain your attention.

3-6 months

During this phase, you might gradually experience your baby becoming more socially active. At this age –

  • Babies love to mimic sounds. 
  • Start to support their head and upper body lying on the bed.
  • Stretch both legs out to kick.
  • Smiles when playing on their own to catch parents’ attention.
  • Can hold toys. 
  • Make babble to respond to familiar voices.

5-6 months

As a parent, you might notice some dramatic changes in your babies 6 to 9 months

  • Your baby can now sit with proper support.
  • They can support their head almost 90 degrees.
  • Respond to your voice and recognise the name. 
  • Shows immense interest in colourful things.
  • Learn to express joy and happiness with a smile. 

7-9 months

When your baby completes its half birthday, be ready to notice some significant changes. 

  • Your baby is now much more lively and will start crawling. 
  • They like putting toys or other objects into their mouths. 
  • Can sit comfortably without assistance for minutes.
  • Babies at this age love to cuddle with family members.
  • Games like pat-a-cake or peek-a-boo are their favourites.
  • Can move objects from one hand to another.
  • Intensely focus on small objects.

9-12 months

As your little one approaches to celebrate their first birthday, their achievements will be quite impressive. 

  • To express ‘no’, they can move their head side by side.
  • Can imitate actions like clapping or saying ‘bye’.
  • Get a little shy seeing unknown faces.
  • Say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ clearly.
  • Get excited to explore objects by shaking, dropping, banging or throwing things.
  • Try to walk by pulling the body up.

1-2 years

Now your baby has grown up to be a little person with full of personality, feelings and emotions. 

  • Baby starts learning to walk at this phase.
  • They like to see colourful pictures.
  • They love scribbling with crayons on walls or anywhere.
  • Develops empathetic nature.
  • Can speak a few words.
  • Very curious to explore new things every day.

Let us enrich your experience

Every child is precious, and they achieve each development milestone at their own pace. So as a parent, you do not need to worry about if your child has not reached any specific development stage. Instead, we encourage you to enjoy every moment and gift your child an uninterrupted growth phase with Sprog. 

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